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I have a process with a date picker that allows the user to type in the beginning date and ending date. The robot will open the web-page on July 1. In the date picker the robot needs to type the beginning of the previous month May 1 in one section and ending May 31 in the other section. The robot will run this process on the first of every month. I have attached a picture of the date picker. Some help would be great.!

date picker|498x164


Create 2 variable as DateTime datatype ‘LastMonthFirstDate’, ’ ‘LastMonthLastDate
Assign the below code

LastMonthLastDate = DateTime.Today.AddDays(0 - DateTime.Today.Day)
LastMonthFirstDate = LastMonthLastDate.AddDays(1 - LastMonthLastDate.Day)

Done, I made the two variables(Thank You) How do i use them? Do i use them in the click activity once I the robot clicking in the start date?

Use type into activity to type the date


Thanks bro works nicely :ok_hand:

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