Date picker has same dates Need suggestion

Date picker has same date when I pick 27 march 2022 but date picker takes 27 Feb 2022 because in every months of date picker include last 3 to 6 dates of of previous month in first row of next month … So at the time of selecting a date there is same date in one month… So it takes first row of previous month date instead of required month of date… So plzzz suggest solution

there should be some attributes in the selector which helps us to identify the current and previous months

First select the year from the calendar from which you need to pick the date , then go for month and then select the date.

Yes months and dates selected properly when there is no same dates available in one month. but when there is one date available two times in one month it select first row of date which is actually previous month date instead of last row of that present month

Yes but when I select date dynamically it’s pick perfect when there is no same date available in that month but in when there is same date its pick wrong date of previous month instead of present month

is there any difference in the id or class attribute for the previous month and current month date. Usually i have seen that previous month date will be greyed out in the calender in such cases there will be difference in either id or class attribute

Yes difference in parentclass attribute


The following topic will help you.


But how I can set parentclass attribute as per my condition

Can you show me your current selector
. Include parent class attribute as well to that

in the unselected items you have parent class select that as well


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