Date picker for StudioX

Hello - I was wondering if it’s possible to select a date in a date picker that doesn’t have a field to type in the date ? I saw several articles on Studio of how to do it with a code, but I don’t know any code and was wondering if there was a different way to do it with StudioX.

Hello @mp057812 , Welcome to the forums.

You can give this a try:

From StudioX, go to the date picker and select some date using the Click activity

Back in StudioX, if you check the properties list of the Click activity, it will have the Selector property under the Target header.

If you edit it, the selector will most likely have the attributes of the date you picked out above.

You can try to edit that expression and replace the hard-coded date with variables so that the date picker may respond accordingly and pick the dates based on the process requirements.

This might be a start to get the Robot to work with the date picker for the current month.

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