Date in the format BASE-dd-MM-yyyy.XLS

hello friends, I need to save the date in the format
I’m using
in this format it is outputting only the date


“BASE-” + Now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”) + “.XLS”

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You are giving condition for a date only
try this


If there is any folder path, try this

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Hello @pauloengenharia5

Plz check the below .

How to Modify Date in UiPath? Modify Date activity explained with demo


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This is literally no different than what I answered, except you have an extra double quote that will cause an error. You don’t need the System.DateTime reference, you can just start with Now.ToString as I did. His problem was the filename was ending up only the date, but he also needed BASE- on the beginning and the .XLS extension added.

The folder path is supplied in the first property of the activity, as shown in his screenshot.

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