Date format to copy from excel to form

How do I copy the Date from Excel to webForm below is the screenshot
In the SS in Excel, the date is given in DD/MM/YY the same needed to fill in the form but it is separate with “/”

Please help to fill the form.

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Split your date String based on “/” as delimiter and then type into it.

StrDate [ ] = row(“Date Of Birth”).Tostring.split("/")

StrDate(0) - DD
StrDate(1) - MM
StrDate(2) - YYYY

And enter into corresponding fields using Type Into Activity.

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Getting error !!


Hi @ramkrishna2k3

Use type into based on array

For Date = Type Into strDate(0).ToString
For Month=Type into StrDate(1).ToString
For Year=Type into StrDate(2).ToString

Ashwin S

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Hi buddy @ramkrishna2k3

I would like to know one thing
can we type into that field and first i hope we need to type month and the cursor goes to the date next…
and kindly use a write line activity first and lets check who the value of date of birth is getting displayed after obtained from the excel, as we need to check with the format and then only we can get the values from it accordingly,
So use a write line activity and display the value of Date of Birth in the output panel and share that screenshot buddy…
and kindly let us know whether we can type into that field or not
we can solve this out easily buddy
Cheers @ramkrishna2k3


Indicate fields separately using Type Into Activity like MM, DD and YYYY.

For MM, pass below value using Type Into Activity

row(“Date Of Birth”).Tostring.split("/".TocharArray)(1)

For DD, row(“Date Of Birth”).Tostring.split("/".TocharArray)(0)

For YYYY, row(“Date Of Birth”).Tostring.split("/".TocharArray)(2)


Excellent it worked, Thank you very much.



You have to mark correct post as solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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