Date format not working after moving from Windows-legacy to Windows

Good night friends;

A question please, I have converted a flow that I have from windows legacy to windows and I have some problems:

The image shows the following:

  • I have always achieved the day in this format (“dd”) two digits
  • The month in text mode using (“MM”)
  • In a year I have no problems

But how could I do to get two digits in the days and months?

Finally this variable also fails me:
multiAttach= Directory.GetFiles(PdfPath,“*.pdf”).Concat(Directory.GetFiles(“C:\Users\Unity\Desktop\Test”,"abc.xls”)).toarray

For dates I have tried the following:

But I can’t give it the format I want

I will appreciate all help (298.3 KB)

Hi @Lynx

If you want month in two digit then try this “MM” instead of “MMMM”

Hope this might help you.

It doesn’t work for me when it’s in this mode:

Hi @Lynx
Use writeline and check once.

It’s weird, I keep getting an error

Hi @Lynx

Give a try to this.


Check out this thread : 'VisualBasicValue`1' requires compilation in order to run. Please ensure that the workflow has been compiled #issue resolved

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@Lynx Hi. Can you check the double quotes(") used to enclose dd, yyyy and MM in all three assign statements. They seems to be different than that is used in PdfPath Assign statement for “Invoices”. Can you update the quotes in all other 3 assign statements for dates and check.

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thank you @devik
Wow, I never would have noticed, apparently when migrating he changed those double quotes

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