Date format in UiPath Taxonomy

Dear Experts,

I would like to know I can define the specific date format in UiPath Taxonomy Manager. By Using taxonomy, we can extract date in pdf but I want to get specific date format. The date format may be different according to different invoices. The date format I want to extract is “dd.MM.yyyy”.
for Example:

4-Feb-2020 >>>> 04.02.2020
4/2/2020 >>>> 04.02.2020
19/Jun/2020 >>>> 19.01.2020

Please let me know if there is any solution. Thank you.

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I suppose you don’t have to define a format in that case. Just make sure to have the type of the field as date and that’ll do!


yeah bro. If I don’t define date format, I get the date format in pdf. Let the format in pdf is 4-Feb-2020 so I get exactly 4-Feb-2020. I want to get the date format “dd.MM.yyyy” whatever the date format in pdfs. I attached the screen shot of my setting for date format.

If there is any solution, please provide me. Thanks @monsieurrahul

refer to this - Convert a string to date

Dates don’t have formats. The values you are looking at (ie dd.MM.yyyy) are formats for string output. The issue is you want to convert the strings into actual datetime values, but the string format of the dates is not the same. Best I think you could do is have multiple Parse statements, each one to handle a different format, and see which one doesn’t error out. Whichever one doesn’t error out is the correct format for the current PDF you’re working on. Once converted to datetime you can use YourDateVar.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”) to output the datetime as a string with that format.

UiPath Taxonomy allows MSDN supported formats, hence please use an use an MSDN-compliant format in taxonomy expected format.

More details on MSDN formats.