Date format in UiPath Taxonomy

Dear Experts,

I would like to know I can define the specific date format in UiPath Taxonomy Manager. By Using taxonomy, we can extract date in pdf but I want to get specific date format. The date format may be different according to different invoices. The date format I want to extract is “dd.MM.yyyy”.
for Example:

4-Feb-2020 >>>> 04.02.2020
4/2/2020 >>>> 04.02.2020
19/Jun/2020 >>>> 19.01.2020

Please let me know if there is any solution. Thank you.

I suppose you don’t have to define a format in that case. Just make sure to have the type of the field as date and that’ll do!


yeah bro. If I don’t define date format, I get the date format in pdf. Let the format in pdf is 4-Feb-2020 so I get exactly 4-Feb-2020. I want to get the date format “dd.MM.yyyy” whatever the date format in pdfs. I attached the screen shot of my setting for date format.

If there is any solution, please provide me. Thanks @monsieurrahul