Wrong date format - document understanding

I have this invoivce ML model which has been retrained with a lot a different invoices (all of them with the date format dd.MM.yyyy) however for this case (and when the day is < 12) the date format gets messed up, the day gets mixed up with the month. In this case, the day should be 6 and month 4, however UiPath is reading the other way around, I have also set the expected format in taxonomy manager for this date field as “dd.MM.yyyy” but the issue remained. What else can I do?

Its not the accurate solution but you can try after getting the data you can try to manupulate it by using string manupulation.

In your labelling session, there is a setting for Date format if you select the date field that is causing issues. You can select US style, non-US style, or Auto. This has solved the issue for me in the past.