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*I don’t like to add to an already full list of questions but i can’t find the answer in the Forum or anywhere on the internet. Not even the Russion UiPath docs :slight_smile: *

In the Taxonomy Manager the Date Type has a default “DefineFieldFormat” which seems to be Year, Month, Day. The Extracted Data therefore defines it as such but this causes the Year and Day are swapped.

Ie: 19/05/20 should be 19th May 2020 but is instead 20th May 2019 :-/

How does one enter the preferred format in the Edit Field section: Expected format (optional) )

I’ve tried: (Day,Month,Year) … (Day/Month/Year) … Day,Month,Year … Day/Month/Year.

“FieldId”: “CityofTshwane.RatesandTaxes.RatesandTaxes.DateIssued”,
“FieldName”: “Date Issued”,
“IsMultiValue”: false,
“Type”: “Date”,
“DeriveFieldsFormat”: “(Day, Month, Year)”,
“Components”: ,

The alternative i guess is to export the data to Excel and then use string date parsing and ignore the layout in the Validation Station. The same applies to the Address and Name Type.


Hi Ricardo,

Have you tried “dd/MM/yyyy”?

dd/MM/yy worked which is most interesting! So the FieldId name is not linked to the date format. I was struggling with this for 3 days and such a simple solution existed all along.

Thank you, Tudor the Legend

ResultsDataPoint { DataSource=Automatic, DataVersion=0, FieldId=“CityofTshwane.RatesandTaxes.RatesandTaxes.DateIssued”, FieldName=“Date Issued”, FieldType=Date, IsMissing=false, OperatorConfirmed=false, Values=ResultsValue[1] { ResultsValue { Components=ResultsDataPoint[0] { }, Confidence=1, DerivedFields=ResultsDerivedField[3] { ResultsDerivedField { FieldId=“Year”, Value=“2019” }, ResultsDerivedField { FieldId=“Month”, Value=“5” }, ResultsDerivedField { FieldId=“Day”, Value=“20” } }, OcrConfidence=1, OperatorConfirmed=false, Reference=ResultsContentReference { TextLength=8, TextStartIndex=36, Tokens=ResultsValueTokens[1] { ResultsValueTokens { Boxes=Box[1] { T:98.8815,L:52.246,W:29.19,H:9.9825 }, Page=0, PageHeight=792, PageWidth=612, TextLength=8, TextStartIndex=36 } } }, Value=“19/05/20” } } }

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