Datatable proper output

Hello all.
Here i have a scenario please any one have any solution please let me know.
I have a table shown in the screenshot.

I want the ouput as different datatables like when i call first table it shold come like column names and first row but. when i call second table it should give me the 2nd and 3rd row because it belongs to the second HOD only. so any one have any solution please let me know.

Hi @Shubham_Kinge ,

One possible solution would be to read it into a single datatable and then move it into a different datatables depending upon your condition.


lets consider its one table only but how to split it, thats where i am facing problem.

Either you can filter on Type and store filter result in a new datatable. (Two filter activities on the main datatable storing results in different data tables.


You could loop on the entire table and put a condition on Type and Add data rows to new table.

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