Splitting data table

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I have a datatable of n columns. The value of N can vary. I want to split the data table into two data tables. First datatable will have column 1 to column 5. And the second data table will have column 6 to column n.

This can be done using loop and Remove Data Column activity. However wanted to check if there is any simpler way.

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You can use DataView.ToTable(). E.g.

dt1 = dt.DefaultView.ToTable("table1", True, dt.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn).Take(5).Select(Function(c) c.ColumnName).ToArray)
dt2 = dt.DefaultView.ToTable("table2", True, dt.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn).Skip(5).Take(N-5).Select(Function(c) c.ColumnName).ToArray)
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Hi @Kapil,

You can use filter activities as a simple way of splitting table

To Get the first 5 columns, select the Keep Column option in the output column and give 0-4 column ids
To get the 6-n columns, select the Remove column option in the output column and give 0-4 column ids


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thank you @ptrobot and @VIDHATHA_THADURI !! I wish it was possible to mark both answers as Solution.