DataTable manipulation in debugging (Locals Panel)

Hello all,

I have a DataTable with values. I would like to change them during debugging. For this I stop the execution and change the values of the variable in the locals panel and confirm the change with Ok.

The change is not saved. Where is my error?

Hi @Kytyzow,

I would personally write the DataTable to an excel file, change the excel file to the data you want, and then re-read the DataTable.

Yes, that works. My question is whether I can change the values directly in the local panel. With a string it works.

Hi @Kytyzow,

According to another topic, yes:

But when I have tried just now the changes do not stay. This may be a bug.

@loginerror, any ideas?

Edit: I have found another topic with a solution that works for me, could you try the same?

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With this it works. It is quite a detour, so the way via Excel Export is more worthwhile when debugging. Thanks for your help!

It’s is generate data table in from txt?

My DataTable was created from a CSV.

You can use the activity to read the CSV and put it in the database. I recommend that you use the balareva library to be able to view all rows and columns and make such modification in for each or modify txt file

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