Lookup Datatable Null Error

When i’m searcing a value in a datatable, if the value is not exist, Lookup Datatable returns a null error. I am using RowIndex property , if the value not exist, so the activity returns -1 as row index, and so I can handle it. But I even do this, the activity gives the null error. How can I handle it another way?

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Can you attach your sample sequence and we can figure out the issue

Hey @Hulya_Cetinkaya

The row index check should help. Kindly check if the condition and the path you inserted the handling code is in right section.



Let’s have two set of activities to avoid this error

  1. First if the lookup datatable gives output as -1 then it means the value is not there which happens by default
    I think you have this set up done already

  2. Now cover this lookup datatable with TRY CATCH activity
    That is place the lookup datatable inside the try block and select the exception type as System.Exception and if any exception occurs it goes inside the catch and let your workflow to proceed further

Cheers @Hulya_Cetinkaya