Datatable disappear after click Finish button ( Data Scraping )

Hi everyone!

I have one problem with data scraping… I have used Data Scraping Activity to extract data from web.

But when I click “Finish” button, the DataTable interface suddenly disappeared …. I could not be found it anywhere on workflow.

What is this problem ? And how to resolve ?

Thanks you!


Could you please go to manage packages and see whether it is asking to update any package. If yes then update it and will work this.

Hi @lakshman

Thanks you but I have checked and update something. But the result still same… I could not be found the data scraping workflow when click on the Finish Button, it have suddenly disappeared.


Could you please restart UIpath studio once and check.

By the way, what version of UIpath are you using ?

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Hi @lakshman

It still fine in today morning, the issue happen about 30 mins ago ^^

I don’t know why.

The Data Scraping suddenly disappear, I could not chosen the Next Page button.

hi @lakshman

I have re-installed ^^


issue resolved ?
do you need any help here ?

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Thanks you so much.

I have resolved

how did you resolve? i am having same issue

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Hi bro @krishnacmt

Sorry for late reply.

I don’t remember how to do… but I think it not complex.

Pls uninstall and reinstall software to check.