Datatable column

Remove data column is not deleting the column in excel datatable.
I want remove the column values in existing datatable. Given column name property.

Remove data column works within an Excel data table not sheet.
You may use shortcut keys though.

not deleting the column I have tried using invoke method.

Hi @sowmya

Why don’t you try with Delete Column activity directly?
In the example provided by Dilip the column is deleted from datatable, but not from the Excel sheet.

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Hey @ovi

That activity will delete column from excel sheet if that excel is containing a table inside that excel sheet.

Well the Title of the Question is related with Datatable :slight_smile: and question as well. I don’t know either she is edited or it was same :slight_smile:

and an excel without table then you have to owerride the existing contain with new modified Datatable :slight_smile: or a custom code :slight_smile: will help in such case :slight_smile:


Thank you