Datatable binding in Apps


I have a web scrapping process which feeds a datatable linked to a table in UiPath apps, but need to click a button to update the datatable,

Any way to configure autobindging for the datatable in UiPath apps ? thanks !

So far the events cannot be executed automatically, there must be a trigger, the most I could do is pass the event of the update button to the event of the table in this way, every time they click on the table it will be executed the update event

@javierdavidh ,

how are u adding data first in Table?


Hi @Jefferson_Cordoba_Cuaical , that’s a good idea but I really dont want any human intervention, I would like a real life dashboard (5 minutes data refresh). thanks !!!

Hi, @Arvind_Kumar1
I loaded with an argument (out), configured on studio side:

Then I bind the argument in the Table on Apps side:

Thanks !!

@Jefferson_Cordoba_Cuaical ,

Great unfortunately Apps do not have timer control so we can’t handle automatically update or refresh or any event action on page.

So manual intervention is needed here for user .

Thanks k,

@javierdavidh - Rather than passing the data from the table, you can pass the data from the data service. Once the value has been uploaded from the data service, you can link it to your table i.e data source in the apps itself.

Steps for refresh functionality :
1.Set the data source for my table to use a filter by adding a condition that UpdateTime should be less than one app variable.Attaching screenshot for same
2.Add a button and rename it as Update Button
3.In the Update button Clicked On Event, add a rule to set the current app variable to the current time by using the Now() function.Attaching screenshot for same.
4.Publish the app. Now, when the user clicks the Refresh button, they force the Filter rule evaluation back and load all the entity data again.


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