Database sizing

How much space should I allocate for the Orchastrator SQL server?
We plan to run 10 virtual clients.

One for @badita

I’ve checked the Architecture Guide and this isn’t in there. Might be worth adding this information in?

@Madalina_Boboc @Ovidiu_Bestea

Did you check the 2016.2 version?

It contains the following information:

  • For an environment of 10 to 50 Robots (the web server on a single machine), you should have a minimum of 80GB, but we recommend 150GB of disk space. (Chapter 2.1.)
  • For a High Performance and High Availability environment of 10 to 200 Robots, you should have a minimum of 200-300GB, but we recommend 600-800GB of disk space. (Chapter 2.2.)

Please let me know if I can help you with other information.


That was the document I was looking for… Thanks.