BOT got stopped after 30 mins of execution

I am using licenced version of Uipath (2019.2.0) on remote desktop and Uipath installed on same machine.

I am connecting to database and retrieving data and based on data doing some operations.
BOT is running fast for first 20 mins after that became slow and not able to process.


Are you closing you database connection once you pulled data from the database.
How many times you are connecting and closing database connections in your workflow for a transaction.

Using Execute query Activity to connect to database and executing query also using same

It looks like your SQL connection timeout period, you need to check and close the connection then and there. so this issue wont happen.

Can you please try to find the mistake here as i am passing connstring value in Disconnect activity thrown error
connstring is of type string variable and disconnect activity expects database connection type.
So which value should i pass in disconnect activity.

Even after closing the connection using disconnect where ever i have opened connection same behavior was happening with BOT…Can some one please guide me