Database connect activity does not open wizard

My system os is windows 8,so I installed sqlserver2017 and i am trying to connect my studio with database and i am facing an issue that is when i am clicking on connection wizard in connect activity i am unable to get the connection wizard any one please help me

thanks in advance
connect activity

Hi @srujana13a5

Try Restarting the studio and check once!



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Can you restart the workflow and try again?



Also, let us know if you are facing any error?


ok i will try


Hi @srujana13a5

If restart is not helped, try to update dependent package. (UiPath.DataBase.Activities)

Thank you.

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Any fix on this ? Iā€™m facing the same issue and restart is not helping.

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Hi @Lauri_Lemmetty

Could you please share the version of your Database activity package and your Studio version?

my database activity is 1.5 and studio is 2021.10.4 . Found out that the official uipath.database.activities is not working anymore. for some reason.

I installed the and switched the odbc to oracle and then it works.

We had some issues with this package as not all the dependencies were uploaded properly to the official feed.

Can you please try again using a new project? Just Add Database activities and please share a screenshot of the project panel (with all dependencies expanded)