Connect to database: Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed

I have database connected but still the above is getting while executing. I have executed the same bese in a test sequence and it was working but when running process manually it is getting stopped with this error messgae


Did you happen to change the database activity version and check?

Either to a higher or lower versions?


Yes I changed to 1.6.1 since higher version was not working but rest all are lastest activity and studio is 2023.4 version

Hi, which database you use? oracle dB?

If you use oracleDB then please refer

  1. Find the right connection string to your Oracle db. Refer to
  2. If needed, install the Oracle Data Provider for .NET. Refer to

no it’s not oracle, it’s normal SQL

ok then you can try to use the 1.5.0 version of UiPath.database.activities and use connect activity.

Still same issue :frowning: , Any other alternative? should change any other package version which can impact?

problem is when i created a test sequence in same process, it was working, but when debugging/ attended mode it’s getting failed in that where db is connected


can you check it in a new process may be the current project is corrupted


Yes I tried that too… no luck :frowning:


try to rename .nuget folder and reopen the project



Hi @Rahul_Srinivas

What do you have under the Provider property after you accept the wizard inputs (so as seen via the properties panel, not via wizard).

Also, is the appropriate DB driver installed on both the development and the robot machine (if they are different)?

Thanks That helped.!


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