Data transpose

my data is in another sheet
1-thu 2-mon 3-sun…

I want paste this data in another sheet like…
please help…

@Shubham_Akole you can use Data transpose activity. Refer this Data Manipulations - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

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but how If any workflow available then please share me…

Is your data spread across multiple column OR it’s space separated string? Do you mean to say you want to convert columns into rows?

yes convert row into column but paste into another sheet

@Shubham_Akole Please find attached xaml (21.9 KB)

Step 1: Use Read Range activity to read data from sheet1
Step 2: Transpose data using Data Transpose activity (link given by @inp)
Step 3: Use Write Range activity to write data to sheet2

Reference Thread:

Check this workflow,
Test.xaml (7.8 KB)

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Write Range: Invalid column index (256). Allowable column range for BIFF8 is (0…255) or (‘A’…‘IV’)

this error

@Shubham_Akole Have you given extension to .xlsx


This workflow is work…
but This is not work in my excel file…
when transpose is done then all data in excel file is delete and then tranpose data is paste…in other file…
Any solution… to prevent my data