How to paste data according to column names in other sheet

I have data like this in a excel sheet (Columns A B C)


I have same column names in a transposed form like this in another excel sheet


What I need to do is compare and paste data into the transposed data sheet so final output should look like this


Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,
Have you tried using the Transpose Datatable Activity ?

Give a try on using the Activity on the Input Datatable Itself.

Also, Maybe a First try using the Modern Excel approach would be recommended to check :


Let us know what is the result when it is performed on different samples of data that you have.

Hi @Ishan_Shelke

Check out this docs and thread



Please find the below link

HI @Ishan_Shelke

Check this xaml file
Sample.xaml (12.6 KB)
demo.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Hope this Helps


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