Data table dynamic filtering based on index

Hi all,

I am currently reading data out of an excel by the read range activity. The excel consists of a “header” with some information, followed by a table which needs to be imported into a datatable.
Unfortunately the “table” does not always start at the same row in the excel eg A13 or A14.
Currently I am reading the whole sheet in the datatable, but then I don’t know how to filter the datatable dynamically such that all rows above the index that I could already define are deleted.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

Yah we can do that in FILTER DATATABLE ACTIVITY where in the filter wizard along the columns field we can mention the column index and usually column index starts at 0 for the first column

Cheers @natalievolkert


can you help me how to fill it in correctly; if i need to get my information starting for example from row 14 I need to remove rows 0-13.
So I have to write 0-13 in the first field of my filtering wizard? So saving 0-13 in a variable and writing that variable in this field?


So you need to delete empty rows in a datatable, right?

Do you have a column that is always filled in? If so, you can use a filtering activity to remove any row where that column is empty.

It also seems that you can figure the index of the first row that you need, so take a look at this post, to see if the “Skip” method would solve your issue (instead of 55, you would use your variable, make sure it is integer):