Data Sraping output datatable has no data

I am extracting data of searched users on Facebook. I am doing ‘extract corealated data’ to get Name, URL and other details. But the extracted datatable does not have any data. I am using message box to show contents of datatable but it is blank. What could be the possible reason. Please help.

@shrutika Rename ur datatable and see

Can you post the workflow screenshot pls? How are you creating the data table and adding data to it?

I tried renaming datatable but still the same issue

@shrutika Is it possible to share your workflow or Url that your trying to scrap data

datatable is initialised ‘New System.Data.DataTable’ by default. Removing this gives Null pointer error.

I am scraping data from facebook. Steps are:

  1. Login
  2. Search user from search box
  3. Click on People button to see all the users
  4. Scrap data

You need to use the ‘output datatable’ activity to parse it to a string, then you can display it in the message box.

Update: @shrutika have you tried this?

@shrutika I just done i am getting results. you delete extract structure data activity and try

If I delete extract structured data activity how would I get the data?
Are you suggesting to delete and redo Scraping? I have done this but still facing same issue.
The above workflow used to work earlier, but I am facing this issue after I made some changes in other part of the project. Could changing scope of datatable help?

@shrutika Redo Scraping but before that create one Datatable after scraping in the extract structure data actvity remove default variable and assign you created Datatable

This also is not working

@shrutika data table wont display in message box after scraping use for each row and see data is scraping or not

I have three sequences-Login, Scraping and Logout. The scraping does not work after I put it in a separate sequence. It works when I keep all these in single sequence. How do I make scraping work if I have to keep these different sequences?

@shrutika When you put sequence to separate sequence in the variable panel change scope to sequence

I have kept the scope to global, still facing same issue. Attaching the workflow.Main.xaml (188.4 KB)

@shrutika candidates_city_company_details.csv file needed (460 Bytes)

Can someone please help me out with this? Its urgent and I am not able to find a solution for this problem.