Data Service Export to Excel

I would like to suggest an export option for the Data Service in Automation Cloud. Very similar to an existing functionality you have with exporting queues into an Excel format. Something that could export all data (excluding columns that contain file uploads).

Right now in order to do this we have a write a bot to interact with the data service activities. Providing this option directly from Automation Cloud would be a big convenience.

I second this.

Hi @mwsupra and @azeem_rosli,

Thank you for the feedback! This feature is something that is on the backlog but doesn’t have a timeline for completion. Would you mind expanding on what you would use this functionality for? Would you want the ability to select the specific fields you would want exported?


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Thanks for your response,

Similar functionalities as queue management query would be great such as show/hide columns, filter row by value/written text. It would be great too if we can have another export for audit (same as Action Center export).

I did try to sort a column of numeric value in my entity, however, it does not do anything, this works fine with alphabet. Do check this too. Thanks.


Hi @Jack_Miller,

Great work! The new update of Data Service with advanced filtering and copy link to query is a game changer. Should it include sorting?

Apart from that, sorting numeric value still seems to not be working in the Entities Data page. Looking forward if there will be update for export the data service into excel.