Data service Entity created on uipath cloud platform not available in uipath studio

I created few entities in Data service option of uipath cloud.
But when I am checking this entities in manage entity option of uipath studio, this entities are not available.

Hi @GurunathD, Can you please ensure that your Studio is connected to Orchestrator using a Modern folder? 2022

If you are already connected, is the Managed Entities button enabled? What happens when you click the “Refersh” button on the dialog?

Last thing to check will be if you are connected to the same tenant for your cloud account in which you defined your entities.


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I have created the Entities in Data service. When I open my studio, Its connected to the modern folder ,but the Manage Entities option is not visible in the ribbon. My orchestrator resource tab shows all queues and assets available in Modern folder but not any entities. I have connected my Uipath robot to the tenant where I have enabled the “Data services”.(I have created only one tenant.
Note: I see on my Data service(Data Service (Preview)) tab.

Hi Nidhi, if you don’t see the “Manage Entities” option/button on your Studio, my most likely guess is that you are using version 20.4 or 19.10 of Studio. Data Service integration is available only with 20.8 Studio version onwards, which is currently available only in Community Edition

The best way to get it right now is by downloading the latest Preview version of Community Edition Studio from your Cloud account - UiPath

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Thank you Ankit. I had 20.4 enterprise edition. Its working now…

That’s great to hear Nidhi! Please do provide your feedback or any other issues you run into.

I always suggest this page as a good exercise to learn about using Data Service in Studio - Using entities in projects

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I have updated 20.10 version but still I face same issue like “do not have permission to create entity”

@Hemanthavasanth_vija - Do you see that error in Data Service UX or in Studio? Can you provide a screenshot of the error? Are you able to import those entities in Studio. Please provide some details for us to be able to help you.

hi Nidhi, How did you make it work?

Hi @vilmasanchez - Are you using the latest 20.10 Community or Enterprise version of Studio and is your Studio/Robot/Assistant connected as a modern robot in Cloud Orchestrator?

Please see the pre-reqs here - 2022

@vilmasanchez I upgraded my studio version 20.8

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