Read data entity through orchestrator

Is there any activity or any other method available in UiPath through which we can read the data entities present in other/different orchestrator??

Scenario: I have data entities that are present in an orchestrator-1 (My studio is connected with orchestrator-1). Now, My colleague wants to read the data present in orchestrator-1 and process it as per business requirements but she is connected with orchestrator-2. So is there any way she can authenticate and read the data entities present in Orchestrator-1 during runtime?

Many Thanks,
Vishal Chavda

Hi @vishal13987

You can use get transaction item activity


Hi Vishal, is the question about Data Service entities in UiPath Cloud? If yes, sadly we don’t have that support currently due to the security architecture. Today, Robots/Studio are authenticated via integrated authentication with Data Service and that restricts them to connect within same tenant as the current Orchestrator connection.

We definitely have it in the backlog to support connecting with other tenants as well. I don’t have a definitive timeline for it though.

Just to help understand the requirement better here, are both your Orchestrator tenants under the same UiPath Automation Cloud account?