How can i extract table data from Remote machine in Uipath

Can you please help to extract table data from remote machine in structured format.

Hello @Satish_Kumar1

What sort of an application do you have in the remote environment?

Have you tried using screen scraping?

first i tried with Data Scraping but its showing :
and after that i used Screen Scraping however with the help of screen scraping just we can extract data only displaying on the screen not full table data from remote machine

Its showing this : This control does not support data extraction

Yes just i am accessing remote application on the remote machine and there have data in table format just like Report data …
so i want to extract all data from that application which are running on Remote machine.

Hello @Satish_Kumar1,

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You can install UiPath Remote Runtime on the remote machine & you can use data scraping as usual to get structured data. You don’t have to rely on image automation anymore !


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