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So i’m trying to data scrape from a webpage, i would like to let the user input a word, that would be the filter of the webpage, but the data scrapping is only attached to a filter and i don’t know how to change it.
Open to new ideas, thank you.

Use Input Dialog Activity to get the filter word from the user.

Filter the data by using the filter word entered by the user using type into activity (if filter is text box) or click activities (if list) and then scrape the data.

Karthik Byggari

I do that, but because i scrape the data from a web page with a filter already on, when the filter is changed he give me an error. (word is the variable that gets the user input)

What is the error message?
Is it related to selector?

That’s the error i get.

Hi @miguelsantos,

Try with anchor base or use dynamic selector

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Please change the selector -

In the existing selector, make the title dynamic. Update title value like below. Then it works for all filters.


Karthik Byggari

That removed the error, but now this don’t scrape any data, and i don’t know why.

Debug and check why the data is not scraping for more details and make sure the page is loaded before scraping the data.

Add a delay before extracting the data.

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