Scrapping data only for the condition

Hi, guys!

For example…
When I’ll do Data Scraping on the Web-Site, I want to get data that name is “Gold”.
then I will Scraping and get filtering Data at the same time.
Not filtering data after Scraping !!

I just want to know, “It is Possible?”.
I’ve only thought about it, so I haven’t tried not yet.

I want to hear you guys opinions… :smiley: :smile:

Just u install the extension of the Browser

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Hai @d_Jay… First u need to use if condition like Something.contains(“gold”) in then use data scraping… Or use data scraping fetch it in Excel then store in data table , Then use filter data table using “gold”…


Thank, @sowndaryacse1505 @Nandhuba !!

I will do what you guys adviced me.

and I found this forum topic!!

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Hi, It’s me.

I’ve looked up a lot of things about Custom Data Scraping, and I’ve tried.
And what I learned was “How to modify the XML for scraping data” like the above my REPLY.

But after further searching, the way I wanted to do it was impossible…
Because the IF condition could not be used within XML…!!

I was trying to get the row data compared to date.
Not possible during data scraping.
So we have to filter it after you’ve finished scraping all the data.

Thanks for helping me! :blush:

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