Data Scrapping and Filter Data Table Inconsitency

Hello Folks,

Kindly help me with the below concern.

I came across the below inconsistency in Data Scrapping after I applied Filter Data Table.

  1. I was using data scrapping to get Mobile Cost and related details from
  2. Plan was to scrap only the items in the first page as the “MaxNumberOfResults” was not working in
  3. I was able to fetch the items (17 Items are usually displayed in the search) and write them into an excel file.
  4. On opening the excel I noticed some items without price has also been captured.
  5. I applied a filter data table to exclude entries without price.
  6. I re-run the process and found that the mobile without price details has been excluded. However the item count still remained 17 as the last mobile that was scrapped was getting duplicated.

I have uploaded the screenshots for reference. Kindly clarify why this is so and if there is any error I have made from my side.

Thanks in advance. :+1:

After Filter Before Filter Fliter Given

@suryasunderraj Maybe the Excel File was not cleared before you had executed the process again :sweat_smile: and maybe that’s the reason you have an Extra row.

Check by Deleting the Excel File and Executing the Process again. Also How many times have you used the Activity Write Range ? Have you used any Loops ?

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@supermanPunch I have used the Write Range only once. I tried deleting the excel and re-ran the process. Now I get 17 unique combinations. Cannot recreate the earlier scenario as Amazon results are now not showing the Mobile without price. :sweat_smile:

@suryasunderraj No problem. But test it once without deleting the Excel and Check if that’s what you got earlier.

But Each Time you execute the Process you might need to delete the generated Excel file.

@supermanPunch Re ran the process. Looks like the excel is not getting over written. Because I see the same yellow highlight still there for the last row even thought the last modified date of the file changes. I guess as you mentioned, the excel has to be deleted every time the process is run. But isnt it a little weird?

Write range will overwrite, but if original has more rows, then it will not get overwritten with empty values… you dont need to delete excel, only empty the range before writing the new one, maybe consider using Delete Range activity.

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@bcorrea Thank You. i think this would solve my issue.

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