Data scraping2

I am using Linkdn to search RPA developer job for bangalore location.Then i need to scrape the Jobs,but due to unstructured data format i am unable to extract job title


Can you Please post the screenshot of same.


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Hi @Samsanditha

Can you elaborate more to address the issue.

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Attached some screen shot please


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So basically when i search rpa developer for bangalore linkdin gives me the list of job available so i need to scrape all the job title and then store it in a data table but the issue is i am not able to scrape the job title only few tittles are scraped from the current page

We would be able to do Data scrapping and select the fields appropriately in order though they are in not in sequence
I hope that would work

Cheers @Samsanditha

Main.xaml (21.7 KB) !

…i have attached the file.In the list of job tittles i am only able to extract few titles not all of them