Scraping structured data which is visible only when clicked

I want to extract structured data from the following website .

I am able to extract the job title , company name , location and other information visible on the left hand side. The box on the right side ( containing job description) appears only when the job title is clicked. I want to also extract the job description for all the results. I tried indicating the job description in the data scraping wizard but it gave an error ( Cannot find all pattern elements ) because the box is only visible when clicked.

One solution is to first extract all the data on the left , including the url of the title , and then loop through each url scraping the job description . Is there any other direct method ?

you can use Dynamic selectors to click on each of the record and then get text to retrive the data on the next pane. refer attached workflow , its a short working model , you might want to fine tune it further ,

Test.xaml (9.3 KB)