Data Scraping with scroll down to end page for all multiple pages

Hi Community,

How can I implement in the data scraping automation the “scroll down to end of page” for each (multiple) pages?

Thank you for your help!

Regards, Edin.

Hello @EdinZolj

Check below post

Hope this helps


Hi @ksrinu070184

Thanks for coming back.

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t solve my problem.

Regards, Edin.


can you share the screenshot of the website you are trying? If it is public share the url


Hi @ksrinu070184

Its a Intranet website and not public accessible, but I recognize if I shrink the whole website the automation doesn’t stop during scraping multiple pages, like before with stuck in loading time.

So it works with shrinking the website to the screen monitor.

Thanks for your efforts! Best regards, Edin.

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