Data scraping with Multiple Pages (Rows set as '1,000' are changed in next pages)

Dear all,

I would like to use Data Scrapping function with Multiple Pages. (Google Analytics 360)

When I click the ‘next button’ manually, ‘show Rows’ is ‘1000’.

However, When I do it with UiPath, ‘show Rows’ is changed to 10 (Default).
So it works like this.

1 page (1,000 result) → 2 page (10 result) → 3 page (10 result) …

Could you please let me know how to solve it?
I would like to keep ‘1000’ rows with Data Scrapping.


I really appreciate in advance!

Hi @Printf7

Please put 0 for Maximum number of results, in the data scrapping wizard,as shown below:

or you can make similar changes in the properties panel/Options, as shown below:


So in this case if 1000 records are present on the page 1, page 2 and so on, all would be picked.

In order to fix the number of records, you could mention 1000

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I think it’s difficult to change “show rows” to “1000” in Multiple page mode in datascraping.
So, perhaps we should use single page Data Scraping, Select Item activity to change “show rows” to “1000” and Click activity to next page, inside a loop.
Fortunately, DataTable property in ExtractData activity is In/Out type. So we can append each result to a datatable.


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Hello Yoichi-san,

I’m really sorry that I’m beginner of UiPath.

Could you please show the sample if it possible…?
I don’t know how to use ‘Do While’ in this case.



Thank you for you answer.

I already set it as ‘0’.
Although I set it as ‘1000’, It doesn’t work.


The following is rough workflow, for example.

Hope this helps you.


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Thank you so much for your information!

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