Data Scraping with Excel Keywords

Hey there.
I am currently working on a project where I am running up to 150 Excel keywords through a for each loop. These should be entered one by one into the Amazon search bar and then for each of the 150 keywords the first 60 titles of the displayed results should be extracted and added to my Excel table after each keyword.
In my project UiPath unfortunately only extracts the first 60 titles of Amazon results.
Could you perhaps help me how to extract the results of the other 149 keywords as well? What am I doing wrong?
I hope that someone can help me. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

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Check are you limiting any in the extract structured Data activity->properties->MaxNumberOfResults? check below for your reference

If so you can specify max of results you want


It sounds like you’re expecting it to loop, but it isn’t looping at all. Can you share with us what you’re using as the variable in the For loop?

An easy way to check is to add a write line activity BEFORE your For loop to count the number of objects in your array/datatable/etc. Just add a write line activity and type in (for datatable): YourDataTable.Rows.Count.ToString or for an array: YourArray.Length.ToString to make sure that it says 150 as expected

Hey Dave, thanks for your feedback. I have attached 1 screenshot

of my project. I just can’t get any further and don’t know what it is :(.

Could you take a look at the pictures and give me some feedback?

I have used 3 variables:

  1. extract data table ( where I think it might have something to do with the properties, see screenshot
  2. strAmazon, with the link to the Amazon start page, where the 150 keywords should be entered
  3. dtKeywords, where I first read out the Excel list with the keywords with read Range and then enter them in the search bar at Amazon.

So far everything works. The only problem is that only the 60 titles of the first keyword are extracted. But I want to extract the other 60 titles of the other keywords and add them to my Excel list.