Data Scraping with and if statement

Hi all!

Very new to UIpath so still trying to get my head around it all…

I am scraping all the results from a list of articles using Data Scraping which works as expected. However I want it to only scrape the article titles and urls for todays date (there is correlated data for the date).

I know you can limit the number of results scraped, but the number of articles changes daily and I couldn’t find a way to say “stop when xyz condition is met”.

Is this possible or is there a workaround to this?


If there is a date filter option available in the web site you can apply the filter first and then scrap the data.
If there is sort option, sort the data by descending date. Use Find Children activity to retrieve the entire row element by specifying the date filter in the Filter property. Loop through each record and get other details required.
Use data scrapping to exact the entire table of content. Then use Filter data table and specify the Date column in the filter wizard and value as current date formatted to the date format in the application.

Hope this Helps!

Hi there, thanks for getting back to me.

Unfortunately there is no date filter and there are thousands of pages of results.

The articles are ordered from newest to oldest so at least it is sorted, I had a few attempts at getting find children to work, but I’m afraid I’m still very new with some of these activities, so getting it to work is proving more difficult than I thought…!

The articles are listed on this page (and can continue onto the next page)

Any ideas you have for this example would be brilliant thanks!

Try this…
ArticleArchieveDataExtraction.xaml (21.3 KB)

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Brilliant thank you! That approach makes a lot of sense.

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