Data Scraping unstructured Data


Hi Team,

I’m trying to scrape unstructured data from list of URLs and extract to excel with separate columns, but im able scrape only one block of data.



Hi Vicky,

Please check this link for scraping unstructured data:


Thanks @lakshman,
I’ve tried with Web Data Extraction but its not working, i tried with element activity, i need to capture very block of data


Hi guys,
I am new at RPA(Uipath). I have an issue regarding data scraping, can some body please help me out.

I want to scrap data from an website, i have set MaxNoOfResults to 1000, but i am able to extract only max 300 results and browser is displaying issue “Access denied” at some point, after continuing some page. Browser is visiting all most all the pages but extracting only around 300 data.
i have set Properties:
DelayBetweenPagesMS to 10000
MaxNumberOfResults to 1000
i have used WriteCSV and IE browser for extracting data.

Please do suggest me something.


Hi @Sasmita

My suggestion is that number of MaxNoOfResults set on 0. Secend try different browser like chrome or firefox. Remember that you need to install addon to chrome or firefox.

Let know if works.



Hi @fudi5
Thanks, it worked.