Data scraping shows message error for multiple page but not 1 page


I’m having an issue with a data scraping, I’m trying to scrap data from a e-commerce website and to export it on excel thanks to a write range activity. When I’m executing the task for one page (without asking the data scraping tool to switch the the next pages) everything works perfectly. However when I create the same process for the multiple pages an error message appear at the end of the process saying “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

FYI, I have the same Datatables for the Extract Strucutured Data ad the Write range activites and the MaxNumberOfresults is 0.

Is there a solution ? Could it be because the webpage is taking a while to load ?

Thx in advance

Well Object reference not set to an instance of an object is basically Null Pointer Exception, so that means that your Scraping Sequence is returning nothing and you are trying to write nothing to your Excel table

Yes, I figured this out already, but when I take only the first page I get data from the data scraping, moreover I can see the data scraping is getting data in the Data scraping module …

What could be the explanation and the solution?


Could you post the e-commerce website so I might try to automate the process?

Here’s the link I want to get data from:éritifs-%26-alcools/c/BEDR308000000000000