Data Scraping returned search values

Hi, I’m working on a class lesson which has you entering search criteria into a real estate search site in South Africa and then using Data Scraping to retrieve the results.

Wasn’t too taxing, however, I see that the system captured the selector from the first city I searched. In this case “Cape Town”. If I run by script again using a different city (e.g. Johannesburg), the selector in the attach browser activity does not work.

Selector value is:

I’m inspecting the page, but I haven’t been able to find a different HTML Property to use that works.

Is there a reference as to what to use or is there a way to make this dynamic? Can I use my search city variable to concatenate the selector and make it dynamic?

Something like: “”

…is this possible?

To make selector dynamic use wilcard selector like*

plz share url
make selector dynamic by using *

I tried a wildcard.

Selector value was: <app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Apartments / flats to rent in Cape Town : Cape Town Property :’ />

I changed it to: <app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Apartments / flats to rent in *’ />

…but it didn’t work. It got past the attach browser activity but stopped cold at Extract Structured Data. It just sat there doing nothing.

<app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Apartments / flats to rent in * :’ />

try to use this

either use this



Thanks, I’ll give that a try