Data Scraping on google News

Hi All

I am very confused about the way to make dynamic Data Scraping on google News. Below is my process:

  1. I have dynamic key word to key into the google search, and it works.
  2. After click into the ‘NEWS’ page, I want to scraping all the new title and related information.
  3. Because of the dynamic keyword, i have been changed variable parts to ’ * ’ in selector. BUT it still not works…I only got the first keyword information even it searched other key words…

Any one could help me ?
It’s very appreciate!!!

Attached my so for process and the related file. You can find this question on the step (34.3 KB)

See this video, this may help u
Cheers buddy :grinning:

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Thank you so much for sharing, but my question is not about how to make data scraping.
Sorry my title may be misunderstand about my real question.

Still appreciate you.

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Use find children activity, in that put the id and tag of the google News in edit selector.

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