Data Scraping Wizard not producing output


After using the data Scraping wizard this is the result… there is nothing in the “Do” activity.
I go through the process of selecting the first field and then replying “yes” to extract th whole table. I indicate the next page element and the wizard then exits without providing anything. I am trying to extract the work items show in the screen shot below.



hi @ColinCrabtree

have you enable the UiPath Web Automation extension!!! if not enable that and try again.

I hope this will work.

Hi @Achal_Sharma I have been scraping data with no problem up until now. Where can I enable the extension just in case something went wrong with it and I need to re-enable it? I am using IE now. I have in the past used Data scraping wizard with Chrome no problem. It does not work on Chrome now either.

In chrome it show the UiPath Automation is installed:


hi @ColinCrabtree is this working properly in IE. did you restarted chrome browser.

@Achal_Sharma - Neither Chrome or IE. Site is the following:

I restarted my whole lap top. It is now not allowing me to select a field on the screen in Chrome as it says the extension is not enabled but it is.


@ColinCrabtree could you share your workflow with me. let me identity the problem.

@ColinCrabtree check for the update. it seem like your uipath extension is outdated.

Did you try to create a test workflow for data scrapping?

Apart from this process test firstly that it is working or not



@ColinCrabtree go to Uipath Studio, click on Tools and then click on a Chrome extension. Its seems like you have installed the Uipath Extension.

the main extension which interacts with the browser component is UiPath Web Automation, not Uipath.

Try this I hope it will work.

@PrankurJoshi - When I create a blank sequence and start the wizard it created the attach browser and data scraping activity with no problem.

In the other workflow, I am trying to do it in the DO of the On Element Appear activity

@Achal_Sharma - I enabled it again but still not possible to scrape:

@ColinCrabtree are you able to detect the table element using data scraping.

@Achal_Sharma - yes

After this it asks me to indicated the next page element which I do but no activity gets created in the DO indicated below. However as mentioned above it work if I create a blank stand alone sequence.

Can you attach that xaml in which you are not able to see the DataScrapping?

Because of it is running for blank sequence it doesn’t see to be an issue with extension



@ColinCrabtree I am sharing my workflow of data scraping use this workflow and do let me know if anything goes wrong.

Sequence.xaml (5.5 KB)

@PrankurJoshi ReFrameWork-master (4).zip (2.7 MB)

The MAIN is in the sub folder “UiDemo subfolder”. The place I a trying to scrape is in the “process transaction” WF in “process current transaction” in “on element appear”

@ColinCrabtree copy and paste this workflow where you are doing the data scraping in your project.

Sequence.xaml (5.5 KB)

Hi @Achal_Sharma - I don’t have a problem creating the same data scraping process in a sequence like you did in a separate sequence. I just can’t get it to work from the position I am in in the on element do activity… if I highlight this activity and then open the data scraping wizard, is it not supposed to drop the data scraping activities into the do once completed?


@ColinCrabtree usually the data scraping is done on the fresh sequence rather than on the existing sequence. so scrap the data with a new fresh sequence.

Hi @Achal_Sharma - yes the copy paste works but I nee to be able to us my data scraping wizard. I need to know why its not working.