Data scraping not working with dynamic meta data

Please help me on below mentioned metadata.
I am using data scraping but i got 2 different metadata randomly due to this data scraping not working properly.

Hi @Saurabh112

Might be not scraped properly, when you are scraping tables you should scrape only specified region. Could you post the screenshot.

yes i am using single column only and single value, but metadata change randomly

I want to scrap below data


Scrape entire table and filter it accordingly by taking it to the datatable.

If the data is not in the table format, try using normal screen scraping, refer the below link for the better understanding.

I dont know where you have this datas but maybe simply copy and past (send key activity) is enough then you can take data form clipboard.


Did you get any solution of your problem , because I have the same?
Best Regards.