Data scraping multiple links on one page

this is an example picture of what this looks like on a phone but it is the same on a computer. My question or problem is, I need to scrape data from every person. For example i click on the first person, it scrapes data, then it goes back clicks on the second person, scrapes data and so on. Does anyone know the solution to this problem or has encountered it in the past.

Thank you.

Hi @nejc_bicek ,

You can click one by one automatically as like below.

  1. Extract the data table (The list of users you need to scrape the information)
  2. Get the Count of Rows from the extracted Table
  3. Use the count as a counter, loop through it (Each User).
  4. Use the counter in the idx field of selector to dynamically identify each row uniquely in the Click Activity. (Each row will have idx which you can use to click one by one in order from top to bottom.)

Then scrape the information for each user and store it as you want.

If you find it useful, mark it as solution, Happy Automation!!!

Warm Regards,
Ranjith Udayakumar

is there maybe a way that you can make an example or explain it more in detail, because i’m still a beginner regarding automation and i don’t really understand your solution.