How to use while loop with Data scraping

Hi everyone, i want to loop on specific Data on webbrowser by using While and data scraping activities.

Here is a ss of activity used

You an use extract data table to scape the data and store it in a data table variable. Then you can use for each to loop through that and also give while condition inside the loop.

Hope this helps Cheers.

Hi @Chirag_Shetty_Divakar thank you for your reply, can i share the Link privately, so that you can help me more about that?

I need to extract specific information from the website and put them later in Excel sheet.

Sure. please share

Here is the Link: 1500 Kegelstifte B - Produktshop - Dresselhaus Bestell- und Informationssystem

I need to create an excel sheet for each DIN/EN/ISO-Normteile xxxx. After that, i want to extract Informations which are inside each DIN/EN/ISO-Normteile xxxx

You just want for **DIN/EN/ISO-Normteile 1-472 ??

I want all those DIN/EN/ISO xxx to create an Excel Sheet for each of them

Hey @ANGE,
The suggession that I can give you is loop throught the DIN/EN/ISO xxx. Now for each item i.e first you will get DIN/EN/ISO-Normteile 1-472 item that variable you can pass in click make it dynamic.
Then you will enter inside that you do the data scapeing and loop through that you get each row again make click dynamic to loop through this.

Like this for that you can use sceen scaping activity.
Then in write range you can give the sheet name of the var stored

Hi @Chirag_Shetty_Divakar Thank you for your support. Before getting into each item to do the data scraping, how can i first of all loop all this DIN/EN/ISO xxxx and create an Excel sheet of each of them?

My problem is following:

I want to create five Excel Sheet, each Excel sheet would be DIN/EN/ISO xxx. After that i would use Data scraping to get inside each item and collect their Informations.

Hey @ANGE,

Hope this helps Cheers


What does the second Assign Activity please?

converting to list


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