Data Scraping ListView

Hello, Is it possible to do data scraping from a list view?

In the Acme 3 system I try to get the Amount column but I can not

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Hi @miltonbaltazar,

I think you cannot do that directly. However, you can extract the whole table with ‘data scraping’ and then get the column you need from the data table.


What activity allows me to scraping to listview Windows Form?

Yes buddy you can get that column alone with data scrapping
while choosing the first field select 234704 and while selecting the next value select 90344
you will be getting that column alone buddy

if it asks for scrapping whole table ignore with NO options and select them individually buddy
kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @miltonbaltazar

Thanks, but when I try to scraping it, it says it does not support it, it seems to me that it’s because the control is a listview.

buddy were you able to select that column AMOUNT as a element…?
if so you can screen scrape it and then convert text of lines to array and then to a datatable
were you able to get that column as a element or the whole table is getting selected buddy
Cheers @miltonbaltazar

Data Scraping no support in ListView Windows Form Control.

Select Row no support:

Select Control no support

I tried Screen Scraping but I get all text, however the spacing between each column does not follow a pattern of number of spacing

Copy data in notepad++

Is there any way to obtain the data?


Can you share the selector? I mean in UiExplorer when you trace the main DIV of the list view can you access those elements/or can you see the Amount column values?

If so then you can follow the following method:

  1. Find children activity for the main DIV housing the amount elements
  2. Set ‘Find descendants’ in the property and you can play with webcontrol to get exactly what you need.
  3. For each item in the IEnumerable - use get attribute activity an convert that object to 'Uipath.Core.UiElement"
  4. Extract ‘aaname’ or ‘innertext’ (or whichever attribute houses the value) and store it in an array or data table.

tell me whether this works…

If it doesn’t have a valid selector or list view accessible to UiExplorer then try Computer vision (I am saying this as a last resort because it seems like other solutions didn’t work for you)

Regards :slight_smile: )

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Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

I will try the indicated and I will comment the result, I appreciate the detail.

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Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

I inspected in the UI Explorer but it only shows me the detail of the first column of the ListView, it does not allow me to access the amount column

Is it possible to access the other columns of the listview?

Well @miltonbaltazar

Seeing the UiExplorer I think it is accessible.

Seems like you are doing a training exercise on ACME. Can i get that .exe file so that I can install it and do some analysis?

I think if its a .net custom built app then it should be possible to get it.


Register in and download the old System 3 ACME.

Download System 3 ACME Windows Form. Enter with your System 1 credentials and in the first screen you will also find a list of clients with ListView, if you can access any column after the first column it would be great.

Okay…! Gimme some time, will get back


Hi @miltonbaltazar

Accounts tab is disabled for me in that application. Any way to get it?

In my case it is also disabled only “Work Items” enabled, but the problem is with Windows Form ListView, not with an HTML table.

The system ACME 3 Download.

Hi @miltonbaltazar

It took me some time as I had some work to catch up on.

There you go, the final output will be a message box indicating a whole data table that was scraped. File : Main.xaml (16.5 KB)

I guess this solves it - Close it as solution - and tell me if you face any issues :slight_smile:


I guess data scraping doesn’t work here, you will have to go and build yourself a custom data scraper using the selector manipulation (dynamic selectors).


Thank you doctor, you are a genius. It’s what I need!!

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You’re welcome @miltonbaltazar feel free to ask any more issues that you face. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Raghavendraprasad ,

I hope to be able to generate value with contributions to the community later :slight_smile:

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