ACME System 3 can't get all Transactions from the list

I am currently doing challenges from Acme website (This is the Work Item 1 challenge).
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I am at step 1.7.F : Calculate the sum of all transactions for the specified account.

Since I cannot use Data Scraping tool I decided to use Screen Scraping tool.

The first step was to use Full Text, but it only scrapes the Transaction ID. Nevermind, I wanted to use that and put all Transaction IDs to an array.

Second step was to use Native Text and scrape the whole row, but to make Dynamic Selector like :

< wnd app=‘acme-system3.exe’ ctrlname=‘ClientAccountMovemnets’ />
< wnd ctrlname=‘listView1’ / >
< ctrl name=‘376905’ role=‘list’ / >
< ctrl name=’"+transactionID+"’ role=‘list item’ / >

This works, but only for few transactions that I can see on the screen when it tries to scrape transactions that are out of the screen ( need to be scrolled down), i get no results.

Can anyone help me with this?

If you need more information I would gladly give them to you.

Can anyone help me with this?

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No worries buddy
Hope this would surely help you resolve the this

Cheers @srdjan.suc

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This helped me, but I didn’t manage to apply it to my case.
I’ve created my own solution that works fine (it is really a workaround).

I am posting the solution here in case someone else needs help with this.

The solution was to scrape all the “transactionIDs” and then with the help of “Click” activity get one by one row (since this is the only way that I can get all rows, even the ones that are invisible).

It has a dynamic selector that uses in_AccountNumber that you need to supply

System 3 - GetAllTransactionListItems.xaml (14.7 KB)

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