Data Scraping is not working for all the pages

Hi All,
I have developed a script where bot will go to sharepoint and it will read tabular data. In sharepoint it has 20+ pages records(1600) each page has 30 records. The bot is working fine in my local machine, when i am running in my Aamazon AWS machine which is my production machine, bot fetching to excel only 1st page 30 records even though it traversing to all the pages and gives me count 1600 but when i am write to excel its giving only 1st 30 records. Please let me know what could be the issue.

Hi @Santosh_Chhotaray,

can you send me the xaml file i ll check and update you.

May be you made a mistake in the Write excel position.


GetDataFromOnePRB.xaml (15.9 KB)
Hi @arivu96 please find the attached file and let me know.

Hi @Santosh_Chhotaray,

Try this.

Increase the DelayBetweenPagesMS based on you screen navigating one page to next page.

else try to re-select the the Extract structure data selector.


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Hi @arivu96
I have tried increasing delay. Could you please let me know how much delay should i give. I gave 10000 instead of 300(which is default), but that didn’t worked for me.


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hi @Santosh_Chhotaray Have checked your Xaml. i suspect there is a issue with selector in Extract Structured data.

Can you please check once ? and also Do you get the correct Rows Count what you scrapped?

Hi @karthick. The same xaml file is working fine in my local machine but not getting data properly in AWS machine(Cloud platform) only gives me 1st page 30 records, but yes count is correct.

Hi I’m having the same issue here.
Was there a fix for this?