Issue with Data Scraping on Last Page


I am trying to use Data Scraping and extract the prices of “apple iphones” from an eCommerce website (

However the issue is data from the last page is not getting scraped.

Kindly help.

Kindly find the xaml file attached.DataScrappingExample.xaml (11.3 KB)

Increase your delay between pages for extracting the data or leave it blank for default settings. Also, do not set the Exctract Data activity to not continue on error. It is built such that if you do so while using the NextLinkSelector field, it will always throw an error.

@SRoy, set the MaxNumberOfResults to like 1000 on the Extract Data properties.

thanks for your reply. I have already tried setting that to 1000, 203 which is the number of results, 202 one less than the number of results but it is failing to find that disappearing Next button every time,


Adding a delay worked like a charm. Thank you.

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