Unable to navigate to all the pages in Data Scrapping

I was trying to scrap from Amazon website. But I am unable to get all the records in excel file. Even if I am setting max limit to 100, its fetching just 30 to 60 records. Please help

Hi @sushantk

A few details: Studio version, browser, did you try with other sites (like google search). Thanks!

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Main.xaml (13.6 KB)
I have attached my XAML file. I am using CE version of UiPAth and Chrome Browser.
I didn’t tried with other websites.

As I am new I could have done mistake in workflow. Can please check and help me.

It may be the selector issue.
I have tried the xmal you have sent on my end and it was also fetching only some results.
I had data scraped freshly as per your requirement, and it fetching perfectly now.
try to data scrap once again and give it a try.

Please find the attached xaml for reference.
Main (6).xaml (14.0 KB)

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I am trying to run the XAML which you uploaded still I am facing the same issue.
What I changed in the XAML is, the attach browser element where title is Amazon.in*, so that whatever I search, the browser gets attached.